Ultradrain ® Package 15 bags of 1g

Ingredients Per 1 bag
dry extract of piloselle (Hieracium pilosella L) 250mg
dry extract of cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) 250mg
quackgrass dry extract (Agropyron repens L) 125mg
extractdry ash (Fraxinus excelsior) 125mg
dry extract of orthosiphon 125mg
  125mg extract dry meadowsweet (Fili(Jendula ulmaria L.) 100mg

How to use:
1 bag per day. Dilute the contents of one bag in 1 liter of water.

Catégorie :


The piloselle, the ash, the cherry stems, quackgrass, orthosiphon and meadow sweet promote the elimination functions of
the body.
The piloselle and the ash also have draining properties.
Ash and quackgrass contribute to management weight in addition to dietary measures


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