Our Expertise in Liquid Forms

Liquid forms are predominant in our activities at MEDICKALAB. We have dedicated facilities for handling these products."

Mixing Room:

Our mixing room features two 1000-liter stainless steel mixers with electrical mechanisms for effective mixing. A stainless steel paddle mixer is also used for smaller quantities and specific phases, allowing the simultaneous preparation of two batches with thorough cleaning.

Primary Packaging Room:

After mixing, the liquid is transferred to a four-station automatic filler, assisted by an automatic tray for bottle feeding. Bottles are then sealed by an automatic capper before being conveyed to Packaging Room II.

  • 150 mL bottles
  • 120 mL bottles
  • 60 mL dropper bottles
  • 30 mL dropper bottles
  • Nasal sprays
  • Oral sprays

Dry Forms

MEDICKA has recently diversified its activities by offering dry forms, thus meeting growing demand. Currently, the majority of our production consists of capsule manufacturing. However, we are currently in the project study phase to acquire a tablet press and a bagging machine, which will allow us to diversify our dosage forms.


In our mixing room, we use a stainless steel mixer that operates by tumbling. Its capacity is approximately 60 kg, although this can vary depending on the powder’s density.


Our primary packaging room is equipped with specialized machines, including a capsule filling machine. This automatic machine can fill up to 60 capsules per cycle and is compatible with both powder and empty capsules feeding. We have the capability to set the desired weight according to the formulation.

We also have a sorting machine. After capsule filling, the units pass through this machine for dedusting and rejecting empty or incomplete capsules.

For blister products, a blister machine ensures the formation of blisters (alu + transparent PVC) and filling of capsules into the blister. If necessary, we can also offer bottling, performed using calibrated scoops according to the number of capsules.


Powders are versatile dosage forms that offer precision in supplement administration. They can be reconstituted in cold or hot water, or simply sprinkled onto food. This flexibility allows users to choose the method that suits them best.

Sachets and sticks are two convenient portable formats for powders. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and ensure optimal preservation of the active ingredients, thereby preserving the quality of dietary supplements. These formats are ideal for people on the go or for those looking for a convenient solution for their supplementation.


Tablets are a highly versatile dosage form that offers numerous options in terms of shapes, colors, sizes, and compositions. This diversity allows for the creation of tablets tailored to the specific needs of each dietary supplement.

Orodispersible tablets dissolve quickly in the mouth, providing rapid absorption of the active ingredients. They are ideal for individuals who prefer to avoid capsules or liquids. Chewable tablets are a convenient option for those seeking a more enjoyable experience when taking supplements.

Their durability makes tablets an ideal choice for on-the-go supplementation, as they are easy to carry and handle. They are suitable for daily use at home, at work, or while traveling.

Whether it’s for health management, vitality improvement, or weight control, tablets offer a practical and versatile solution to meet a variety of wellness needs. They allow consumers to benefit from convenience while customizing their supplementation according to their individual preferences.