Diversity of Formats for Customized Solutions

At MEDICKALAB, our infrastructure is specifically designed to ensure unmatched quality, regardless of the chosen product and desired production volume. Our versatile production facility allows us to offer a variety of formats for your dietary supplements:


The liquid format remains a preferred choice for many consumers, especially for active ingredient complexes.

  • Machinery: 2 liquid filling machines
  • Formats: 15 ml to 1 L


The capsule is the industry standard format for supplementation, making it one of the most requested formats.

  • Machinery: 5 capsule fillers
  • Sizes: T2, T1, T0, T00
  • Colors: Various colors
  • Source: Plant-based, animal gelatin, or marine gelatin
  • Annual Production: 450 million


The coated tablet offers a perfect balance between formulation and technique. Our team brings its expertise to produce high-quality tablets.

  • Machinery: 3 tablet presses and 1 coating machine
  • Sizes: 10 to 20 mm in diameter
  • Types: Flat, scored, round, cylindrical, oblong, convex (with or without coating)
  • Annual Production: 100 million


We specialize in creating products with a variety of innovative textures, including lotions, gels, oils, creams, and milks. Each of these textures offers unique features to address various needs. From the refreshing feel of gels to the nourishing properties of creams, we work with versatile textures to enhance the efficacy of your products, whether it’s for cleansing, purifying, toning, firming, moisturizing, or soothing.