A State-of-the-Art Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is at the forefront of technology. Our building is equipped with all the necessary tools, from product design to shipping, including a showroom. Our facilities undergo constant monitoring of temperature, humidity, and cleanliness, ensuring an optimal environment.

Key Steps in Our Production Process

Production in our MEDICKALAB laboratories is carefully orchestrated through several crucial stages to ensure quality and efficiency. Here is an overview of these stages:
1. U-Shaped Mixer
Our U-shaped mixer is at the core of the preparation phase. It ensures carefully dosed mixes for capsule filling, tablet manufacturing, as well as pre-mixes and powder blends for the food industry
3. Capsule Filling for Medium and Large Batches:
This production stage is designed to meet our clients' volume requirements. We have the capacity to produce up to 5 million capsule units for large batches.
5. Capsule Filling for Small Batches:
If you require smaller batches, we are equipped to produce up to 20,000 capsule units with the same precision and quality
7. Labeling Machine:
Our labeling equipment automatically applies labels to the containers, ensuring a professional presentation of your products.
2. Capsule Filling for Medium Batches:
For medium-sized batches, our equipment can produce T1-T0-T00 capsules at a rate of up to 10,000 units per hour, ensuring fast and efficient production.
4. Tablet Press for Small and Medium Batches:
This stage is dedicated to tablet production and is ideal for orders of up to 500,000 tablets, providing great production flexibility.
6. Automated Packaging and Counting Line:
This automated line is essential for the precise filling of pill bottles, ensuring fast and error-free production.
8. Liquid Filling Machine:
For liquid products, our liquid filling machine is capable of handling volumes ranging from 5 ml to 1 liter for small and medium batches.