Drycough Stop ® Package 150 ml

Ingredients Per 30ml
Propolis 262.5 mg
Extract from aerial parts by Plantain Plantago laceolata L. 367.5 mg
Marshmallow Root ExtractAthaeaofficinalis L. 367.5 mg

How to use:
15ml 2 times a day for 5 days.
Reserved for adults and children from 6 years old.

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Drycough Stop ® is a food supplement based on honey, plantain extract and marshmallow extract.. Marshmallow is well known to soothe coughs, reduce inflammation and irritation of the mouth and throat.it acts by forming a protective film on the pharyngeal wall against external attacks such as dust, viruses, bacteria or even allergens and facilitate its healing.
Honey is a powerful product from the beehive. It has many properties: antiseptics, anti-inflam­ matory, healing, cough suppressants etc.
Plantain has antibacterial, cough and anti-inflam­ matory properties. It is a plant known to treat bronchopulmonary infections, also recognized as anti-allergic.


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